Getting started with songwriting

A song can start from anywhere. If you asked 100 songwriters, you’d probably get 100 different answers. I suppose if anything, it starts with finding inspiration. This can be a melody you have stuck in your head, a story you heard once, a word you like, or even just a feeling—as with all art, there is no wrong.  

For me it’s always different. Sometimes I play chords to create a mood and other times I just sing. It always feels like a puzzle when you only have a piece of it, but don’t worry! Keep going! If you have chords try playing(listening to) them and humming along. See what feels right in your voice. You have lyrics? try some chords to see if they fit the vibe. If you have a melody but no lyrics, don’t get hung up! Try using random placeholder words until you find something you like better. Famously, The Beatles “Yes-ter-day” started as “Scram-bled-Eggs”!

Since a song normally appears to you in fragments, don’t get discouraged if you can’t see it all at once! You gotta just dive in! Have fun, and discover what works for you, remember there are no rules!

Happy writing,
Kyle Ryan
Music Lead, Demo